After the Paleo diet

After six months of strictly following the Paleolithic diet, I’ve now decided to go back to the ‘modern sedentarian lifestyle’. At the beginning it was very hard, I’ve been so in love with… Continue reading

Paleo truffles

My mum’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to give her a special treat. She doesn’t like to eat sugar, dairy and gluten, I could say she is almost paleo. So I… Continue reading

Paleo pastry

Since a while ago I’ve been wanting to try some paleo recipes made with tapioca flour, so this time I’ve tried these… have a look at it and say what you think about… Continue reading

Coffee muffin

I’ve been so tired these days, the worst of all is that I don’t even know why! Well is probably because the end of year is comming and I just can’t wait for… Continue reading