Flavorless food

I knew how badly I hated that. To be sick.That night I had a stuffy nose and I couldn’t help it.

It was dinner time.

My mother and I had prepared some beautiful salted cookies; with sliced tomatoes and home made hummus. Gorgeous. A perfect beautiful combination of flavors right in front of me. I knew there was the delicate scent of lemon and pepper, combined with the fresh flavor of tomatoes and coriander.

Even if it was quite a simple dinner starter, I really wanted to taste and enjoy every single one of the components. In the first moment I thought it needed more salt because I couldn’t find what I was expecting to feel. But my mother was telling me how delicious it was. So I just focused on finding all those amazing flavors. I simply couldn’t find them, my mouth was suffering in agony.

So I gave up.

Any scent, any sign of condiments. I couldn’t find nothing but the texture. So I decided to feel and enjoy what I was feeling in my mouth. That was something I normally don’t focus that much on. But this time I did it. I felt the crunch of the cookie. The smooth and soft texture of the hummus, and the so unique tomato,which I don’t really know how to describe. But I did enjoyed discovering it.

So that’s it. That night I understood that sometimes is hard to find what you are expecting to see ( or taste) but you can discover many other things that are as fascinating as what you were looking for.