Breakfast skewers!

Some fruits on a stick.As simple as that.I didn’t wanted to eat a fruit by itself, that was too boring, didn’t wanted either to prepare a fruit salad that wasn’t original. To make a compote was going to take way too long.

I didn’t knew what to prepare for that breakfast to make it a little special. So I started to think, I went to my garden and observed everything around me. There was the lemon tree, starting to grow lots of small beautiful fruits, and I don’t know what, perhaps the branches of the tree crossing around the lemons, made me think of skewers. I remembered that I used to make them when I was younger just for fun. So I went back to the kitchen I looked at what I had.


Some strawberries, few apricots, apples, frozen blackberries and heaps of bananas. I started to slice all of them and little by little started to fill the sticks. Then I decided that maybe some nuts could make a good combination, so I made a kind of oats with almonds, but I couldn’t insert it.

I went back to the garden I don’t remember why and a few minutes later, came back to what I was doing.

Then I thought about making some berry or chocolate sauce to dip in, but it was already too late, the skewers had already been eaten. Made me laugh a lot, so for now I know that next time I’ll prepare first the sauces and then the else!