New Lasagna

There were heaps of cooking books around me. I was sitting in the couch trying to decide what to cook for tonight. Italian-food books, Asian, Mediterranean, French, Mexican. And all of the recipes inside of them were looking great, but there was a problem.

What to choose?

I didn’t knew what was I looking for. So after a while, when I finished gazing at all those pizzas, fishes seasoned with those amazing spices, and all the other recipes.

My mind created an image.Image

In my pantry storer I had a muffin tray that I had ever used before, and I wanted to bake anything but muffins with it. So I let my mind imagine and divagate for a moment & then, an idea came tome.

Lasagna sheets in muffin trays.

I didn’t really knew how to do it, but the image in my mind was looking good. So I started to think a bit more deeply. I would need something to feel it and my garden was full of veggies, and the fish recipes had made me want something with it.

So, that meant; chad or spinach and tuna, or salmon?


So I did It, and it was wonderful! Such a great tasty idea for dinner, accompanied with more garden salad and some home made dressing.