To start: french crepes

First day of the year. My sisters arrived yesterday afternoon and after having been separated for more than 10 months, we are finally together. Starting the year together.

Our last day of 2012, was beautifl. Full of emotions, feelings and wonderful situations. The next morning, I woke up and a buttery smell was coming from the kitchen. Didn’t kew what it was but the smell was delicious.


That was it. Some french, thin, delicious crepes where being made in my kitchen. With no sugar, so I could decide either if prepare it savoury or sweet. As simple as 3 eggs, 250 g  of flour one tablespoon of salt and enough milk to get a quite-liquid dough.

Every time a tablespoon of butter was added to the pan and when was completely melted,  a huge scoop of dough was poured and distributed throughout the pan. After a few minutes all of them were ready; we took them to the garden and added some toppings: hazelnut butter, mixed berry jam, apples and cinnamon, lemon and sugar… Such a wonderful breakfast to start the year.