Organic whole wheat bread

Almost a year ago, I was discovering the world of bread.

Types of flour, types of yeast, variations of so many things were all around me. I remember that I even made a home made type of yeast which was supposed to work as a sourdough type, but the result was a little different. Which didn’t mattered too much for me. All I wanted was to have some risen bread without commercial yeast.

But now, all of that is lost.

I lost the precious time to bake in the mornings and to discover new things, but a few days ago I found an Organic whole wheat flour and that was too interesting to just get it and let it in my storer for years. So I used it. Normally, the type of flour I used to use, was just white one, Which I know is not so healthy but it normally ‘grows’ much more. (And that’s mainly what I wanted to see.) So to bake this bread I was a little unsure of what to expect or how to do it.


So I started. Using:
600 g of flour
2 tsp of salt
2 1/2 tsp of yeast
and finally  360 ml of water

To get better results, is always good to warm a little the water and add a spoonful of sugar, dissolve it and add the yeast. Then wait a few minutes and mix in the flour and salt. Knead 10 or more minutes (to develop all the gluten of the flour) and let it rest 1 hr or a little more covering it with a damp cloth in a warm place. Then knead again and let it rest an other hour. If you want to shape it in any specific way, do it now that it has already rested around 2 hrs. Now let it rest in the baking tray and turn on the oven (between 180˚ and 230˚ C depending on the size of your loaf)  Bake it during 30 minutes or until gold and beautiful. To know that is ready, a very useful trick is to tap the bottom of the loaf and if it sounds hollow means that is ready!


The whole wheat bread is way much more nutritious and if you are on a diet, don’t feel guilty by eating this bread, whole grain is actually even helpful for the body and its weight, the benefits of the grains is something very special that is hard to find or replace with other foods. I loved the texture flavour and shape of those little breads, and the best part of all is that I could add every kind of topping that I wanted. It tasted gorgeous no matter what I added to it.
If you are looking for any extra recipe for organic flour or where to get it, I’ll recommend you to visit this link: kialla foods