Jam, a perfect thing to have.

To use it on your toast, for the filling of a tart, as a compote. Do it yourself and delight your world.

Yesterday I bought some nectarines and peaches.

They looked beautiful and perfect, just as usual. I was planning what to do with them. It could be either a tart, some baked crumble or just to eat them by themselves and enjoy they juicy and sweet flavour.So I was on my way home, walking with my sister and we decided to eat some fruit. So we took a pair of nectarines and we bit the fruit. What an awful flavour! It was sour, and acid at the same time.

The fruit was immature.


We could not eat it, the flavour was just way too bad. So when I arrived home, really disappointed, I started to think about how to do something better with it. A simple option was to mix it in a fruit salad and add some syrup on it, but I don’t know why, I’m not loving fruit salad nowadays. So I thought a bit deeply and remembered that I was running out of jam.

So I said bingo!

All I needed was that fruit and the same amount of sugar.


My ingredients were:

300 g of peaches

100 g of apples

400 g of sugar (raw one)

1 tbsp of cinnamon

1 glass of water

The apples only were to hide a little the sour flavour of the peaches and the cinnamon, well, I just love cinnamon so I din’t had any real reason to add it.

All you need to do, is to cut the fruit in not-so-big pieces and boil everything until it gets thick enough. Then, if you want a perfect uniform jam you can blend it, or otherwise just leave it like that (I smashed mine a little with a potato masher).


Something that you DO have to do, is to stir all the time, so the sugar won’t stick to the pot.

While I was doing it, I boiled a glass jar to sterilise it and when the jam was ready, I poured it on it. Then placed the lid on the top of  the jar. This is something that I learned when I was younger, my mother used to do jam all the time, so she taught me her techniques.

It took a few minutes after the ‘plop’ sounded. That’s a discrete noise that will sound, and it means that now is possible to close the jar correctly. Then he following step was to let it cool completely and to put it in the fridge.

Then the following morning, my delicious perfect breakfast was a simple toast with some delicious home made jam.