Mexican bread, Rosca de Reyes. French bread; Galette des Rois

‘Rosca de Reyes’

roscaEvery 5th or 6th of January, In Mexico I used to enjoy a few slices of that huge round bread with a doll’ hiding inside (which represent god child). I actually never really loved that bread, I remember it as a simple white sweet bread with some colourful dried fruits on top, but I don’t know why, this year, the first year in my life that I don’t eat it, I missed it. A lot.

To eat with the family some bread,drinking some hot sweet chocolate, to eat the whole bread or until someone finds the figurine and so, then; in february he or she would be supposed to prepare some ‘Tamales’ for the whole family.

An alternative beautiful tradition in my family, used to be to eat a french ‘Galette des Rois’  which is basically the same concept that the first one but a french version. This is  a much  more buttery recipe, and normally inside is filled with a kind of almond paste. Is delicious. Just some puff pastry with that almond filling and of course ‘La Feve’ the figurine hiding inside. And in this tradition, the one that finds it, It will be the king (or queen!) of the night. So It will wear the crown (which normally comes with the bread).


I only remember eating this kind of cake when I was younger. My french part of the family haven’t being with me during this dates since a very long time ago. But that doesn’t means that I’ll only eat it with them, or in that time of the year. Actually, I’ve been thinking to bake one of those some of this days even if the kings days is already come and gone.

Doesn’t matter, good food is always welcome; at any time of the year, doesn’t it?

So I hope I’ll find some time this week to bake a delicious ‘Galette des rois’ or just a simple ‘Rosca de Reyes’. So shortly a delicious recipe will appear around here, feel free to do it of even invent a new variation! I’ve heard of some that include pear filling or cinnamony decorations, all we need is some imagination and inspiration to create wonderful delights.