Pizza, what’s for topping?


The simplest and also funniest part of doing a pizza, is to fill it with whatever you want.

And there are so many options to go crazy with! Some traditional pizzas are thought to be the most delicious of all. Who doesn’t like pepperoni one?But to invent new combinations is to create new flavors.

I did mine a veggie and beef one.


Some organic zucchinis, home made tomato sauce, and ground beef. At the top of it,I added the typical thin layer of cheese (which I did even thinner) and finally, when it came out of the oven, some fresh basil gave it a taste ‘of gods’.

This was an improvised recipe that I arranged using what I had on my fridge. I think, that for personal things such as the topping of your pizza, there shouldn’t be any rules to follow. But I do recognize that there are some tips that might help to get a better result.

Here I’ll give you a few recommendations;IMG_6009

  • While shaping the dough, stretch it as much as you can, the real pizza are the thinnest ones.
  • When doing the sauce, try todon’t make it very liquid or it will soften too much the base ( when is crispy is when it tastes better).
  • Do not add too much sauce to the base, otherwise, the same will happen.
  • Try not to overfilled with toppings, is always good to feel the real flavor of the base.
  • Improvise! The more you innovate, the better it will taste!

Now, I’ll try to explain the most common pizzas. First of all, I’ll tell you that the mozzarella cheese, is the one that is used for the pizza. If you look for the original flavor, go with it.

So here we are:Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 11.14.24 PM

  • marinara: tomato and garlic
  • margherita: tomato and mozzarella
  • napoletana: tomato, mozzarella, capers and anchovies
  • 4 stagioni: tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushroom, olives and artichokes
  • calabrese: tomato, mozzarella and hot salami


So all of this is just to say that you can do your pizza as you like but keep in mind some details.

The most important of all is your oven. Keep it VERY hot. At least, 200˚ C. This is if you are doing a thin pizza. If what you are doing is and american-style one (which is more bread than anything), I might recommend you to make the temperature a bit lower or otherwise it will burn rather that cook.