Exotic and common diets…

So many different ways to eat, some to loose weight, other to help (or protect) the environment, all of them to feel healthy.

To choose a diet, means that you wont be able to eat certain things, it could be bread and deserts, it could be meat, maybe cooked things, or something else. To be honest, I think that the most important of all is to eat what you and your body likes. Anyway, here is a short explanation of some diets…


Paleo Diet,


To eat like the caveman. “If a caveman couldn’t eat it, neither can you.” So this mean do not eat diary, pasta, bread… Instead, you’ll be eating plenty of meat (of every kind) nuts fruits and vegetables. This diet is focused on loosing weight and giving more energy and vitality to your body (just as it used to be!). Even if it is supposed to be a diet as a thousand years ago, you do are aloud to fry, bake your meats or cook everything you want. If you want to learn more about it go HERE



More than anything, I believe this diet comes from a religion. (actually if we look at the religions we’ll find heaps of different diets) I’ll only write about this ”religious’ diet, because I think is the most common one. It is not focused on loosing weight, but to feel good with yourself. You wont be able to eat  diary products and meat. (I believe eggs are also forbidden). HERE ou may find some extra interesting information about it.



This is a simple one, its name says it. All you’ll it has to be raw. It is believed that raw food provide much more properties than cooked food. But nowadays almost all we eat comes cooked, so it is hard to follow this diet, but at the end you might feel good with yourself. (but I can’t ensure anything, I’ve ever known any Raw-diet person). Anyway HERE you’ll be find some more specific rules for it.


This one here is quite a common one, it only consists in not eating meat (of any kind), some people might think that with this diet is easy to loose weight but that’s absolutely not truth. because you’ll be eating plenty of other things that easily can make your body change, but it all depends on you, just be smart enough to choose the right combinations.

canellini bean and artichoke spread


This diet consists (first of all) in looking at the Ph scale of our food. Scientists says that  all the acidic food is not good for us. There’s where you find flour, diary, fats and other things. So the point of this diet is to alkanlinze your body, which is something that later will give you positive results. HERE is a cute blog I found that explains all what you need to know about it.


This diet invites you to be a sugar-and-processed-foods free person, so basically, low carbs diet. Mainly, with this diet, people are looking for loose weight, as I’ve read, it seems to be the fastest way to reach that, though, I’m confessing I have ever tried it. If you feel any couriosity HERE you’ll find more information.

And finally (let’s don’t forget about it!) there’s the 100 mile diet, which is a completly diferent concept from all of the others, in this one, you’ll only be able to eat things that grows within 100 mile radius from where you are… HERE is a book which explains and tells experiencies with dis interesting diet!