This is a simple traditional mexican dish. As simple as famous tortillas, cheese and some sauce. That’s what we call a Quesadilla.

Its name comes from queso (which means cheese) and tortilla (I think there’s no translation for it).

This is such a simple thing that people eat it all the time; for breakfast (with some fresh orange juice) on instead of bread in the main meal of the day.

Nowadays there are lots of variations to prepare this simple dish. Some people like to add some mooshroms or huitlacoche (which is a typical type of mooshrom there) also it can be found with ‘flor de calabaza‘ (pumpkin flower) or epazote (a native mexican herb often used as acondiment).

Then in the top, or inside as well, some fresh avocado or guacamole (avocado dip) and some chilly sauce are added to it.IMG_6219

Those are the main variations but once you are at home, you can add anything you want on it, I made some with meat and often I do some with fresh tomato inside. All you need is some imagination!