Desserts. Do you enjoy eating them?


At the end of every meal, even if the stomach is already fool is when desire comes. When your mouth wants to feel the sweetness of a candy, the coldness of an ice cream, or the crispiness of a cookie. The softness of the baked apples that you love in an apple tart or the creamy texture of the créme brulee.


There is when you start looking for something to cook, something to have.

That is a desire that no one can stop, it might be easy to get distracted from it, but the more you think about it, the more you want to get it.

But there are certain ways to eat a dessert. Some might think that is all in the quantity that you get in your mouth, ‘If you eat huge pieces of it you wont enjoy it’ thats what people says, but everyone has a different way to enjoy it.

Maybe you enjoy to feel your mouth full of a huge piece of chocolate cake so the flavour will be everywhere in your mouth, or you might delight yourself having minuscule pieces of it so your pleasure lasts longer.

It doesn’t really matters, but I do recommend you something; use all your senses to enjoy every part of it;

  • Look at it, see how delicious it looks, visualise the flavour of each component of it.
  • Smell it. Yes, it might sound weird, but it is part of a real way to enjoy every part of it.
  • Understand the flavour. The first flavour that comes to your mouth, then when you swallow it, a few more flavours might appear at the end.
  • Feel the temperature, maybe is an ice cream? Or perhaps a warm and delicious apple pie.
  • Be aware of its texture, smoothness, crunchiness, whatever it comes.

This is what I like to do when I eat something, but as I’ve already said, you shall feel free to explore your ways to enjoy things (yes, not only food), but if you feel that you just don’t know how to enjoy your food, I hope this post helps you to delight yourself with it.