Chocolate iced mousse

It all started as an experiment. All I wanted to know is…

What could happen if I froze some whipped cream and some egg whites?IMG_8258

So I did it. I whipped the egg whites until I got stiff picks and froze it. The result was an interesting texture but a not so nice flavor, I liked how the smoothness was still there even if it was frozen, but the egg flavor was way too strong, so to make it nicer, I decided to add some cream, cocoa y just a bit of sugar.

And that’s how it all started.


500 ml cream

2 white eggs

1 cup cocoa

And a couple of tbsp of icing sugar.

First of all, I whipped the cream, then, in an other bowl, the eggs. Little by little I added the icing sugar to the eggs until I reached the consistency that I was looking for.

Then, going back to the cream, gently I introduced the cocoa powder until I reached a  uniform color. The most important part, came at last.

Folding the whites into the cream.


I had to do it god enough to make it uniform, but I had to avoid over mixing the product or otherwise, I could loose the soft consistency. I then, right in front of me a beautiful smooth chocolate thing was lying in a bowl. I didn’t really knew how to call it, so that’s why now I call it like this.

After putting it in the freezer, I had to wait 1 hr, then I lightly mixed it again and put it back to the freezer, an hour more (or one and a half) my product was ready!

A beautiful chocolaty dessert was ready to be eaten! IMG_8255