Rice pudding


Cinnamon, milk, rice. Perhaps some cardamom, sultanas or bay leaves. It all depends on which recipe (of which part of the world) is the one that you are doing.


FromMexico to India, including Europe and so many other places, this simple pudding-like dessert, is a simple kind of porridge but with a fabulous flavor.

This is quite a simple recipe, so it allows you to add as much creativity as you want. But hey! Be careful, even if is easy stuff doesn’t means that you can do it as you want. There is a really delicate moment; when you cook the rice. Be careful not to overcook it, but to avoid it from staying raw.

IMG_6735I remember my mother telling me this funny story about me being really young asking her to cook this for me. I really don remember that, but now that i’ve tried it again, after so many years, I (kind of) can understand why did I used to ask for it: Is just the most delicious puree consistency ever!

But well. Here we go with the recipe:

All you’ll need to do is to have:


4 1/2 cups of milk

2 1/4 cups of rice

1 1/2 cups of raisins

1 cup of sugar

1/4 tbsp of ground cardamom

and one bay leaf.


To cook it, you have to simmer the milk and rice until it thickens (it can take around 1 hr) and then, just a little bifor is ready, add the sugar cardamom and bay leaf. stir a little and serve. Id does tastes much better when is hot, so don’t let it cool too much!

I also love to add some cinnamon to give it a nicer flavour, but is up to you to decide which other elements you want to add!