Paleo Pancakes!

I’ve just decided that I wanted to start a Paleo diet, for those who doesn’t know that it is you may want to visit Different diets and their rules.

So now I wont be able to eat any flowr or milk, but I still can eat eggs, which is amazing, eggs always allow you to transform food into mo many interesting shapes!

paleo pancakes

I’ve started to browse around some Paleo recipes and I found a very simple one for pancakes, after reading it a couple of times, I made some modifications and here is the final version.

The ingredients are:

3 Bananas (Ripe bananas!)

3 eggs

1/2 C  almond meal

Coconut oil for frying

If you are a very “sweet person” you may want to add some runny honey at the end.

The preparation is very simple. all what you have to do, is to beat the eggs and mash the bananas, mix them together and add the almond meal. Keep whisking until you reach an uniform mixture.

Now heat a frying pan (medium heat) and melt some coconut oil ( I use this oil because is my favorite one, but you can add different one if you don’t like coconut) when is hot enough, put some small amounts of dough and wait for 1/2 or 1 min. (or until the bottom looks well cooked, then turn them and wait until the whole pancake is not raw.

See? is very simple! now all you have to do is to eat them and share this amazing recipe with your friends!