How to feed myself..?


When I discovered the paleo diet, I started to laugh; a diet about eating like caveman? L O L!!!

I thought it was a very unrealistic diet, and it did might be healthy but anyway, it seemed to be too silly to be real.

Then, little by little, I got sick of my awful alimentation and I decided to find a new way to eat things. So by doing some research, I found myself reading again about this diet. So by reading a few theories and a couple of recipes, I decided to give it a try.

Now it’s been a month already since I first started doing this and honestly, I believe there is no better diet than this one.

I hardly miss bread; my little sister is always eating it with hazelnut spread trying to persuade me to go back to “the bread world” but honestly, I don’t even feel pastry carvings.

If you don’t know yet what does this diet is about, there are heaps of information online, and I can give you a little as well.

In this diet you are NOT allowed


  • Diary (cheese, milk, yoghurt and butter)
  • grains (wheat, rice, soy, oats, rye, barely, etc)
  • legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, PEANUTS)
  • Sugar (or any substitute)
  • Also exclude potatoes (they are only starch, not good!)

What you’ll be eating

  • Vegetables (ALL KINDS!)
  • Meats
  • fruits (but if you want to loose weight, try to reduce them)
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Healthy oils (avocado, coconut, olive, hemp)
  • Sweet potato
  • eggs

You’ll realize that pretty much all what you can eat is fresh. That’s the most basic and natural thing we should all be eating, don’t you think?

This diet also says that you shouldn’t eat if you are no hungry, (makes sense don’t you think?) And do some rest as well.

There is a whole world beyond this diet, and honestly, since I’ve started it i’ve been feeling a lot different.

Here I have a couple of recipes that you may like:

Paleo Pancakes