Why do people get fat?


Such a sad reality. We are always complaining about our body shape. We never like our body, there is always a couple of extra kg that we just can’t get rid of.

Why does this happens?

Well, that’s a silly question if we think of terms of nutrition.

So now, let me examine what does a normal person eat in a meal;


Caesar salad: So here we are, believing that because we are having a salad we are being 100% good to our bodies. Reality is; in terms of nutrition, this salad contains bread, cheese and cream. Now, how is this supposed to be healthy? We all know that bread (even if it can be really tasty) it doesn’t have any nutritive properties. Then the diary products, (as many of you might have already read) is a product that westop needing when we stop being childs. It is well known that we are the only species that keep consuming diary products when we are elder. What is wrong with us!


Spaghetti ‘a La Bolognese’: Now here we are, enjoying a really nice Italian dinner. There is some tomato sauce( good) some meat balls ( not bad at all) an then pasta. As I said before, this wheat. What is the positive aspect of it? there is nothing positive on it! Maybe if it was whole grain pasta it could not be so unhealthy, because it contains more nutrients; minerals, and fibre but honestly, how often do we eat whole grain pasta when we have any italian dish?


Buffet style dinner: This is a dinner that I had a couple of weeks ago; there was oven roasted chicken, stuffed potatoes, tabouleh and toasted baguette, this didn’t seemed to be an unhealthy meal, I was having protein, vitamines and minerals, some fibre but I also was having starch, and simple carbohydrates found in the bread, the cous cous ( in the tabouleh) and in the potatoes, so there is the same situation, we are always having the same unhealthy stuff but we only transform it into a different product. And I know, is hard to avoid those foods when you a re easily ablle to boy a hole unhealthy meal for a couple of dollars where as a healthy complete meal might be a bit more expensive. But is time to think about our bodies rather than thinking about our wallets!


Salmon with complements. Once more I was absolutely sure that I was having a very nutritious dinner, I had a huge piece of salmon (full of proteins and Omega 3) a few steamed veggies and with it; Rice, there is the problem showing up again. Such a delicious soft texture of the steamed rice that is so hard to a void was again making my perfect dinner, a simple-carbohydrate meal. So once more, my  amazing illusion of having an absolutely healthy dinner, became a fraud.


Mashed potato with complements. Soft delicious mash with an incomparable texture accompanied by an ‘insalata caprese’ What could have been wrong with this perfect entree? Well, don’t make me repeat what i’ve already said. There is diary and starch. Which means sugar and carbohydrate. Which is not absolutely bad if you eat in  a smaller proportion compared with your veggies or protein but unfortunately, is always easier to simply have some bread, chips, rice, deep fried stuff.

There is when we start getting that unwanted body. So all of this is just to make some awareness of how much unnecessary things we are constantly consuming without even realizing what is happening beyond our plates.

We could make an effort and learn how to eat without those foods. All what they are is quantity instead of quality; If we become able to have quality instead of quantity, our bodies will start working better, and our health will make us feel better.

So that’s it. This was only a small reflection of what I’ve realized since I started to follow the ‘Paleo diet’. And I’m not telling you to do it too, Is just so that you can be conscious of what you are doing to your bodies by eating all those things.