Kumara fries


Some more delights for you tonight.

Part of  the paleo diet is to forget about potatoes, but I’ve checked out the origins of the sweet potato and I seemed to be all right. (I’ve noticed that a few paleo foodies also accept in in their diet).


So, to enjoy myself, I’ve decided to bake some kumara fries.


The process was very simple, all what I’ve done was to:

  • turn i=on the oven (170˚C)
  • peel the kumara
  • wash it
  • slice it in even lengths and thickness
  • spread them in an oven-proof tray
  • (optional) add some oil
  • sprinkle salt and pepper
  • Every now and then, give them a couple of turns to avoid burning
  • Bake for 40 min. or until they are completely cooked.
  • IMG_5563

The Oil I consider it optional because I’ve tried both and the flavor didn’t really change but if you prefer to have a bit of oily fingers when eating them, you can use as much as you want!