Home made (nut) milk


Since I started the Paleo diet, I allowed myself to have some almond milk, because (theoretically) it doesn’t contains anything that is not Paleo.

But then I got a bit sick of drinking it and having all my milk-based-foods having the same flavour. So now I’m exploring some “new milks”…

The process is quite easy and you can do it with any nut that you want. I first tried with cashew nuts. That was really tasty, then I tried with pecans, that one was good too.






Now I’d like to try it with sunflower seeds… so let’s see how it goes!


So, the first step is to let 1 cup of nuts to soak overnight to make them become tender.

The next day, rinse them and measure:

-1 cup of nuts (previously soaked)

-4 cups of water (1 litre) this will give it a nice, non so creamy consistency.

(But if you want a creamier milk, you can double the ratio of nuts.)

-6-7 dates or 2 tbsp of honey (to make it sweeter)

Then add all of it to a blender and mix until the dates are completely ‘chopped'(around 1 min.) If you believe you could be making your blender to work too hard, then blend around 15 seconds, then let it rest and so on.


Now in a fine cloth (or if you have a cheese-maker cloth is really good), pour all the content of the blender and separate all of the solids from the liquid (let’s now call it milk!)

If you feel like is getting hard for you to let all of the milk pass trough the cloth, give it some time, or squeeze it a little to help it.







After that, what you should have in your cloth, is just a kind of nut meal that you can later use for many different things (be creative!)


Finally now, pour it onto a clean bottle and store it on your fridge, it should be fine for 3-5 days (but keep in mind that the fresher it is, the tastier it will be).


This delicious milk can be used for having some Granola, to put it in your tea, or well… I’m sure you know what to do with it. Enjoy!