Going nuts for them…

After a month or so of being on the so called paleo diet, I started to see how wonderful nuts are; delicious, handy to eat, healthy, crunchy, and can fit into (almost)any recipe.

So my nuts consumption increased at a very fast rate. Soon after that, I started to feel some headaches, and feeling generally sick. So I did some research… Apparently, if you are a normal person who doesn’t need a huge amount of so concentrated carbohydrates, then your body will appreciate if you give it no more that 1.5 oz (42 g approx.) of nuts per day.

I know it might not seem to be a lot for some of you, but is actually very logic if you think about the fact that nuts are basically fat and carbohydrate, that should also make you think that you actually don’t want to spend your whole day eating nuts!

A good thing to keep in mind as well, is that there is no a ‘better nut’ If you are a regular nut consumer, is good to eat a big variety of them; from almonds and cashews to seeds like pumpkin and sunflower seeds, they all have important nutrients and they also taste really good; now what I’ve been doing lastly, is to use my scale everyday to weigh a pound (or one and a half) of nuts and keep them in a small container, so I know that those are the nuts that I’ll be eating during the day, but then, If I make something like a cheesecake then I weight the nuts and then I try to calculate the weight of nuts in each slice, that will make me cut the cake in even pieces and I’ll be eating a small piece every day!

See? There are a few creative ways to eat nuts (not too many) and stay on a healthy diet. I hope you have a good time finding the best way of having your daily intake of nuts!