From a food addict


I’m here now to confess something; when I start eating, at home; there is nothing that can stop me.


I usually start my meals (specially dinners) with an ‘entrée’ which usually is a light salad  full of veggies. Then a main plate comes. It could be a dish with some fish, chicken or any other type of protein, accompanied by some more vegetables (perhaps roasted or stir fried) and some sauce or cream (coconut spiced cream; yum!)

Now I have to admit, normally, I’m already half full when I’m finnishing my serving of salad but once I start eating (as I said before) there’s nothing that can stop me. So I’ll devour my main dish and then my taste buds will be looking for some more amazing flavors and extra textures, so since what I’m eating is quite healthy, I wouldn’t feel guilty for having an other serving of whatever food I’ve just had. And I’ll keep on the same track till there is no more food left on the pot.

My anxiousness will still be controlling me and I’ll go into my pantry cabinet and I’ll stare at all of the goods that are lying there; nuts, dates, spreads… dark chocolate!

This is the most dangerous part because those foods are endless: we have heaps and heaps of reserved nuts at home ( LoL that sounded like we are a family of squirrels!), anyway, I’ll start to open a flask full of nuts, and pick a handful of them. Then I’ll open the dates flask; I’ll pick one of them, open it in half and put an almond inside it, and I’ll munch it! then I’ll open one more, and put a pecan nut on it. I’ll devour it.

IMG_0354Once more the same process would come with a walnut. And again and again.

Unless there is a phone call coming of any other thing that makes me stay away of the pantry, is really hard for me to stay away from those foods.

A couple of hours later, I’d feel really guilty for having had all of that food. And my anxiousness would come back. Now, you might think that I might need to see a physiatrist to help me with my problems, but I’m just here to say; that if you have the same problem than the one that I have, all you need is to relax. This is exactly what happens to me when I’ve had a very stressful day, and I feel like food is going to help me to calm down.

Now, food isn’t going to solve any problems. All what we need is self-control. And that’s something that no one can teach us. All our problems are created in our mind, and we have to learn to decide which problems we want to care of and which ones we don’t need.

Have you ever read Harry Potter? When he is learning how not to let Voldemort to get into his mind, and he finally gets it when he is burying Dobby; well there you go, he learn’t how to ignore something that was hurting him. Now you can do that too!


Just, before having an extra portion of food, think about it for a second, observe it and think about if you really want it, feel your mouth; your teeth, swallow your saliva and breathe. Put a hand on your stomach and feel how everything is going down there. Rethink about your extra serving and get over it! Stand up and clear the table before you start serving it again!

The most recommendable thing to do, is to wait 15 minutes and then, usually, your own body should be able to say if is still actually hungry or not. But if you feel like you can’t wait for fifteen minutes, then simmer down, find something else to do, think about what you have done today and what are your plans for tomorrow, distract yourself from food. That should work.