Raspberry roll ups

IMG_8444 Since a while ago, I’ve seen those ‘fruit leathers’ here and there and I was curious about them…

I’ve looked at different recipes and none of them convinced them (god! they wanted me to bake the fruit for ten hours!)  So I’ve modified the methods to make it faster.

The fruit that I like the most is raspberry, but I knew that it would be way too expensive use too many of them, so unfortounately I had to use frozen ones… here are the ingredients that I’ve used for it:

500 g frozen raspberry


1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp apple sauce

Simply put the raspberries  straight into a sauce pan (no need to thaw) and heated it… little by little the raspberries will become a puree and they’ll start to boíl, so, stirring all the time, simmer 30 minutes. Turn on the oven at 100˚c sround 8 minutes before you stop simmering the fruit, at this point, add the coconut oil and the apple sauce, these are actually optional but I’ve used them to make it a little bit sweeter. Now, bake for 2 hours or until you see that is dry enough.

Finally let cool and cut in anyshape you want.IMG_8450

I must admit I thought that my rolls weren’t sweet enough so to eat them, I prepared a banana puree with some almond flour and spread it over the slices, then I rolled them up again and YUM! it was delicious! I’ve used some honey in other of the ‘leathers’ and it was also really good.


If you wish, you could also make some sandwich like ‘leathers’ by slicing some apples and putting them between two layers of fruit.

Be creative and find the best way of eating those snacks!









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