Raw chocolate cookies

This morning I felt like I wanted something simple and delicious, my inspiration of the day drove me to do something raw (if I had to bake it then I wouldn’t be a simple treat) so I sneaked around the kitchen and looked for some ingredients. I found the most basic things to have in my house, so I grabbed them and improvised something new…


What I used for the cookies simply was:

-1/2 Cup dates
-1/2 Cup dried prunes
-1/2 Cup almond meal
-1/2 Cup filter coffee
-200 g dark chocolate

I now laugh at the incredible simplicity of this recipe, all what I had to do was to get the dried fruits chopped into smaller pieces ( I used a food processor) and then I added the  almond flour, gradually incorporate the coffee and stopping when I considered that it had a decent consistency.

I then melted the chocolate at bain marie (without letting it boil! ). Once everything was ready, all I had to do was to spread the cookie mixture in a tray covered with baking paper and cover it with a thin layer of chocolate.

After this, I put it into the freezer and half an hour later it was ready! I had some delicious cookies to share with my family!
Then the left over  ones just lied on the freezer for a couple of hours more (just until my mother arrived and finished them all!