Paleo pastry

Since a while ago I’ve been wanting to try some paleo recipes made with tapioca flour, so this time I’ve tried these… have a look at it and say what you think about them! The whole preparation might sound a bit messy, but I think is worth it. While I was eating them I nearly forgot that they were paleo! seriously their sweetness and crispiness are just amazing! And well, don’t forget to have them with a marvellous glass of almond milk!



110g (1/2c) ghee


125ml water

2tbsp maple syrup

1tsp vanilla escence

185g tapioca

a pinch of salt

90g almond meal

1 ripe mashed banana

Sugarfree jam (as much as you want)

Preparation: heat the water in a sauce pan, add the ghee and syrup, let it boil and take off the heat. Mix in salt and tapioca until forming a dough. Introduce almond meal and mashed banana, (you may want to turn on the oven now, at 170˚c) make an even dough and spread on a baking paper. Make an even, thin rectangle of dough (around 4mm) and cover one side with jam, then cover it with the other half and close the edges.

Cut in similar squares and bake for 30 min.