You are now visiting a blog about me and my inspirations. Mostly is about food. Which I consider one of the most easy-to-love things. I easily get inspired cooking and sharing what I do. I’m not a professional and I’m not trying to be so. I just like to discover and understand how kitchen works and what can we do with it. Feel welcome to read and share the contents of  this page, and if you have any recommendations for me, feel free to write them.


Now, I do need to let you know that I’ll be sharing many recipes that I’ve created myself; those recipes are part of the paleo diet.

And I must say that all of those recipes are simply amateur cooking, let me explain why: This Paleo diet is a concept that started not so many years ago, this means that I don’t have a grandmother who knows heaps of recipes and is now sharing them with me. This is a brand new concept for me so I’m the one who is experimenting and creating many of these dishes, so if you ever find that you are not getting the results that you expected to have, I must say I’m sorry, hopefully I won’t disappoint any of my dear readers but this is just to let you know that the recipes that I’m sharing are not very professional and is not impossible to get different outcomes from the same recipe, simply because it hasn’t been tested many times to find a final ‘prototype’.