Carrot sponge cake

A couple of weeks ago I started to look for a recipe to bake one of these, but I could’t find any that convinced me, so I started to improvise. As a result,… Continue reading

Stuffed Kumara

Sweet potatoes are something that I can’t stop eating now…  simply mashed, boiles, roasted, fried oh my god! I just love them. Today we have decided to make them stuffed, our first idea… Continue reading

Banana cookies

I’m now realizing that I’ve been eating more sweet treats on the paleo diet than before it. I didn’t used to spend so much time baking and experimenting with new recipes. Before this… Continue reading

Wal-date ice cream

My precious and only everyday treat: walnuts and dates, have now been transformed into this creamy puree. I don’t truly know how I ended up doing this thing, but it taste and feels… Continue reading