From a food addict

  I’m here now to confess something; when I start eating, at home; there is nothing that can stop me. I usually start my meals (specially dinners) with an ‘entrée’ which usually is… Continue reading

Why is coconut oil soooooo good?

  There is a short but very accurate talk about why coconut oil is good for you (and is also compared with other fats) if you want to know more about this person,… Continue reading

Going nuts for them…

After a month or so of being on the so called paleo diet, I started to see how wonderful nuts are; delicious, handy to eat, healthy, crunchy, and can fit into (almost)any recipe.… Continue reading

Home made (nut) milk

Since I started the Paleo diet, I allowed myself to have some almond milk, because (theoretically) it doesn’t contains anything that is not Paleo. But then I got a bit sick of drinking… Continue reading