This interesting category of the blog is all about a new amazing diet that I’m now experimenting with: read some of our recipes to find out what it is about!

I’ve also written a few thoughts in the recipes which had made me think over a lot of things, please share your point of view of this alternative way of eating, and say if you agree or disagree with the philosophy of this diet!

I bet you have already heard of this diet (you may even be one more of the people that are following it) but in case you don’t know what is all about let me quickly explain you how it works:
Is all about eating how  we used to eat thousands of years ago, before the creation of agriculture, this means that we can only eat things like fruits, vegetables, nuts and meat (including fish and eggs).
Basically is about avoiding dairy products, processed foods (includes all sorts of sugar) and grains (including legumes LIKE PEANUTS) it also encourages you to avoid foods like potato. It may sound very restrictive but once you get started is easy to realise that is a diet that actually allows you to eat heaps of delicious foods and the best of all, Is healthy!

Feeling curious about it? click on the images below to see my ‘menu’ of sweet and savoury paleo dishes


Savoury dishes

Banana cookies

Sweet desserts